Our Philosophy

In relation to the educational program and practice, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in implementing a curriculum that is based on the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, with a strong emphasis on play based learning. We view children as capable and competent and support the development of children’s independence and sense of agency. We believe in providing children with opportunities to engage in sustained uninterrupted periods of play and use intentional teaching strategies and spontaneous experiences as opportunities for learning. We believe that children learn best when their knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests, are at the centre of the curriculum being guided by educators who are there to facilitate and support their learning.

In relation to children’s health and safety, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in providing a safe and secure environment for all children that promotes and supports individual children’s health care needs. The flexible routines implemented at the service are designed to promote children’s independence, resilience, wellbeing and social interaction. We believe in supporting the growth and development of children through the promotion of healthy eating and nutrition, regular participation in physically active play and through opportunities for children to sleep, rest and relax.

In relation to the physical environment, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in providing an environment that is flexible and encourages children to freely explore, discover and investigate open ended resources, materials and experiences in both the indoor and outdoor spaces. We believe in providing an environment that is inclusive, natural, stimulating, challenging and encourages independence, agency and promotes safe risk taking. Our environment provides opportunities for children to learn from and interact with each other regardless of age. We believe in supporting children’s awareness of environmental responsibility through the implementation of sustainable practices

In relation to staffing arrangements, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in providing children with access to qualified, experienced and dedicated educators who are committed to providing quality education and care programs. We believe in the importance of providing children with staffing that promotes consistency and continuity. We believe in continuous quality improvement and providing educators with ongoing professional development so that children can be further supported within the program by professionals who are up to date with current pedagogy. We promote a safe, respectful and ethical environment where educators are encouraged to support, challenge, collaborate and learn from each other.

In relation to relationships with children, Little Adventures Early Learning acknowledges the importance of developing and maintaining secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between staff and children and between children and their peers, so that each child is supported to feel secure confident and included. Educators are committed to ensuring that children’s dignity and rights are maintained at all times through the implementation of the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We believe in providing an environment where all children are acknowledged as individuals and staff are committed to implementing practices that promote inclusion, equity and fairness.

In relation to collaborative partnerships with families and communities, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in building and maintaining collaborative relationships with the local and wider community to support children’s learning and wellbeing. Educators, families and community members work together to support each child’s inclusion and participation in the program. Each child, their family, and their culture are diverse and this is respected and valued throughout the curriculum. Families expertise of their child is valued, acknowledged and recognised through collaboration and shared decision making.

In relation to to governance and leadership, Little Adventures Early Learning believes in providing a positive work environment that promotes professionalism and advocacy for Early Childhood education and care. We believe that the implementation of dynamic administration systems, and policies and procedures contributes to the effective management of the service. We believe that continuous quality improvement and reflective practices are integral in driving the strategic direction of the service and ensuring positive outcomes for children and families.