Waitlist and Enrolment Process


Little Adventures Early Learning aims to ensure that each child and their family receives an enrolment and orientation process that meets their needs, allowing the family and child to feel safe and secure in the education and care that we provide.

Families can make initial enrolment enquiries via email, telephone or in person. At this time, families are provided with basic information about the Service, its programs, routines and fees; and, if present are shown through the Service or encouraged to make an appointment at a later time.

When a family decides that they would like to enrol their child at our service, and there is no immediate place available, they must complete a hard copy Waitlist Application Form or access the services website, register a ‘My Family Lounge’ account and complete an online Waitlist Request. Both forms are stored in the services Waitlist Folder.

When a position becomes available at the service, the Nominated Supervisor or Responsible Person will refer to the Waitlist Folder, identify who is next on the list and inform the family of the availability, either by phone or email.

First preference is given to children on the waitlist who are currently enrolled and to those children who are the sibling of a child who is currently enrolled.

To enrol a child at our service, families can follow the steps outlined below for the online enrolment process or be provided with the following hard copy documents and forms in order to complete the process:

  • Enrolment Record
  • Family Handbook
  • Direct Debit Form
  • Child Care Subsidy information
  • Medical Conditions
  • Risk Minimisation Form (if applicable);
  • Long Term Medication Administration Form (if applicable).
  • A copy of the child’s current immunisation history statement must be provided as well as a current Medical Management Plan (if the child has a diagnosed medical condition)


Step 1
Creating a 'My Family Lounge' account

  • Enter your email address and create a password in the 'My Family Lounge' box and click 'Register'
  • Enter your details into the registration box and click 'Register'
  • Open the email with the subject 'Complete Registration'  and click on the 'Complete Registration' button
  • Complete the registration by entering your password, agreeing to the terms and conditions by ticking the box and clicking the 'Complete Registration' button
  • Your registration should now be complete. Click the 'Sign in' button


Step 2
Creating a contact and adding child details

  •  Enter your email address and password and click the 'Sign in' button
  • Enter details
  • Click the 'Save and Next' button
  • Enter your child's details and press 'save'
  • if child is unborn, tick box at  top of screen. Enter due date and click 'save' button


Step 3
Creating a Waitlist Request

  • Click on the 'New Request' button at the bottom of the page under the heading 'Booking Requests'
  • Tick the 'Long Day Care/Kindergarten/Preschool' box
  • Click on the 'Select Service' button and tick the box next to the name 'Lilttle Adventures Early Learning' and press the 'Save' button
  • Enter your preferred start date, number of days and preferred days.
  • Enter any further comments that you have in the text box. Press the 'Save' button
  • You will recieve a confirmation email stating that your waitlist request has been successfully created.
  • The service also  receives an email notification stating that a new waitlist request has been recieved. This  Waitlist Request is printed and placed in the Waitlist Folder


Step 4
Offer of Enrolment

  • When a place becomes available at the service for your child you will recieve an email with the subject 'Little Adventures Early Learning Letter of Offer'
  • Click the link in your email and Log in to your My Family Lounge Account
  • click on the 'view offer' button and the press the 'accept'  'Decline' or 'decline and change' button within the specified timeframe
  • If you confirm the offer, the service will get an email advising of the decision you have made in regards to the offer.


Step 5
Complete Enrolment Form

  • Click on the 'finish enrolment button' and enter the details to complete the enrolment form. This includes entering your Direct Debit details for your fees.
  • Cllick on the 'Submit' button
  • You will recieve an email stating that your enrolment form is complete and this informaiton has also been emailed to the service


Step 6
Confirm booking

  • Log in to your My Family Lounge Account
  • Click on the 'View Offer' button
  • Click on 'Confirm Booking' button and then press the 'x' at the top right hand of the box.
  • Your enrolment at the service is now complete.
  • The service receives an email stating that you have confirmed your booking and that your enrolment is complete.
  • You can either print and sign the enrolment form or the service can print it ready for you to sign at your orientaiton visit.


Step 7
Orientation Visit

  • Family and child are invited to attend  at least two orientation visits at the centre before the child commences. This date and time will be orgainsed by the service in collaboration with the family.
  • Family is provided with an enrolment pack.



Register Now

To join our wait list, please Register with the My Family Lounge using the Register button. 

Need Help?

For further information on how to complete the waitlist and enrolment process:

My Family Lounge Parent Sharing Portal - Videos on How to Use the Bookings feature