Centre Fees & Child Care Subsidy

It is essential for Little Adventures Early Learning to charge fees in order to provide an optimal education and care experience for your child and family. The fees charged allow the service to operate smoothly and effectively with an educational program delivered by highly qualified and experienced educators.

Little Adventures uses the payment system Debit Success to administer their fees. Families must nominate whether their fees are to be deducted from their nominated bank account or charged to their credit card. Families must also nominate which day of the week that they prefer for their fees to be deducted. An authorisation form needs to be completed upon enrolment.

Fees will be reviewed annually, and families will be provided with a minimum of two weeks’ notice prior to any change.

Enrolment Fee

An enrolment fee is charged per child in order to secure the booking at the service. The enrolment fee is $90 per child. Upon payment of the enrolment fee your family will receive an enrolment pack that includes the following:

  • drink bottle;
  • Sustainable Wet Bag for wet/dirty clothing;
  • hat
  • hardcopy of the Family Handbook; and
  • a variety of resources and information.

Daily Fee

The daily fee charged by the service for the 2022 calendar year is $95 per child, per day. If families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), they only pay the Service the difference between their subsidy and the fees charged (the ‘Gap Fee’). More information in relation to Child Care Subsidy can be found below.

Upon enrolment, families will be charged three weeks fees (two weeks in advance plus the fees for the first week that the child is attending) These fees must be paid in full before the child commences at the service. Families can then choose whether their fees are paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The daily fee includes the supply of morning tea items, milk linen and all nappy change requirements.

Late Fee

A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for any child collected later than the service’s closing time.

Public Holidays

Families are required to pay the daily fee for every public holiday if their child normally attends on that day.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Little Adventures Early Learning complies with the Australian Government requirements to be an approved education and care service for the purposes of CCS. The individual who is enrolling the child at the service is responsible for lodging a claim for CCS with Centrelink to determine their benefits. Ideally, this should occur prior to the child attending the service. A claim needs to be made for each individual child who is attending the Service.

The individual who enrols the child at the service and has made the Claim for CCS under their Customer Reference Number (CRN) is the person responsible for paying the childcare fees. Where another party, such as the state, an employer or another organisation is paying all or part of a child's childcare fees, no subsidy can be paid for the fees paid by the other party.

Once the individual has lodged their claim for CCS, the service must enter into an agreement with the individual on the planned arrangements for the care of the child. There are four types of arrangements that can be entered into. Individuals need to agree to the terms of each arrangement in writing. (See table below).

Arrangement Type & Description

Complying Written Arrangement

A Complying Written Arrangement must include the following

  • the names and contact details of the provider and the individual(s)
  •  the date the arrangement starts
  • the name and date of birth of the child (or children)
  • details about the days on which sessions of care will usually occur
  • the usual start and end times for these sessions of care
  • whether care will be on a casual or flexible basis (in addition to, or instead of, a routine basis)
  • details of fees charged under the arrangement (providers can reference a fee schedule or information available on their website), which the parties understand may vary from time to
  • Additional information can be included to support the individual’s understanding of their payment obligations.

Is Childcare Subsidy Payable?

Yes - Child Care Subsidy or Additional Child Care Subsidy

Relevant Arrangement

An arrangement between the provider and individual for the care of a child that does not meet the full requirements for a Complying Written Arrangement.
Child Care Subsidy can be paid for care provided under this type of agreement.
This type of enrolment notice is used only where a provider is sure that the family does not wish to claim Child Care Subsidy.

Is Childcare Subsidy Payable?


Arrangement with an organisation (third party)

An arrangement between the individual(s) and another party (for example, an employer, other organisation, or the state— such as for participants in the Adult Migrant English Program) where the other party is liable for the fees for care of the child.

Is Childcare Subsidy Payable?


Child Care Subsidy Fact Sheets: