Policies & Procedures

Little Adventures Early Learning has several policies and procedures that are available for families to access both at the service and via email. The National Regulations state that the service must have policies and procedures in relation to the following:

  • Health and safety, including matters relating to:
    ◦ nutrition, food and beverages and dietary requirements
    ◦ sun protection
    ◦ water safety, including safety during any water based activities; and
    ◦ the administration of first aid.
  • Incident, injury, trauma and illness
  • Dealing with infectious diseases
  • Dealing with medical conditions
  • Emergency and evacuation
  • Delivery and collection of children
  • Excursions
  • Providing a child safe environment
  • Staffing, including:
    ◦ a code of conduct
    ◦ determining the responsible person present at the service; and
    ◦ the participation of volunteers and students on practicum placements.
  • Interactions with children
  • Enrolment and orientation
  • Governance and management of the service, including confidentiality of records
  • The acceptance and refusal of authorisations
  • Payment of fees and provision of a statement of fees charged by the service; and
  • Dealing with complaints.

In addition to these prescribed policies, there are several other policies and procedures that have been created to support the effective operation of the service. Each of the services policies will be reviewed on an annual basis or as needed with input from the approved provider, staff and families .